SDU-ANU Joint Science College, Shandong University was Established

点击:    日期:2019-04-04

Recently, the Chinese Ministry of Education has given the go-ahead to SDU-ANU Joint Science College, Shandong University’s first international joint-venture learning institution.

SDU-ANU Joint Science College, taking advantage of the disciplines in Shandong University and Australian National University (ANU), is committed to cultivating elites with global vision, innovative spirit and practical ability by bringing in the world-class university’s educational concept, management system and high-quality educational resources to reform the curriculum system and teaching method.

The approval of JSC shows that Shandong University has accomplished a leap from running only joint degree programs with global partners to a cooperative educational institution with multiple majors. According to the university’s plan, JSC will recruit students since September, 2019 in four majors, mathematics and applied mathematics, applied physics, applied chemistry and biological science, and the annual student intake is 300 among which 70 for applied chemistry and biological science respectively and 80 for mathematics and applied mathematics and applied physics respectively. The enrollment plan is 1200 totally. Candidates are required to pass the National College Entrance Examination and reach SDU’s admission bar. The best applicants will be admitted. The college curriculum comprises over one-third of the subject courses taught in English by professors from ANU. The graduates will receive Graduation Certificate and Bachelor’s Degree Certificate of Shandong University. After completion of the first period of the college operation, the graduates may receive Bachelor’s Degree Certificate of ANU in China if JSC can pass the evaluation by SDU and ANU.







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