Discussion on Freestyle Science Held at Joint Science College

点击:    日期:2019-12-04

In order to improve the teaching quality and effect of the course, Freestyle Science offered by Australian National University in two weeks, Joint Science College held a discussion meeting in Room 211, Dianzi Building on December 4. Secretary of the Party Committee Kong Haiyan, Executive Dean Lyu Guangshi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Fan Qixue, Vice Dean Bai Ming and the teachers from ANU attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Professor Paul Francis, teacher representative of ANU, introduced the teaching progress of the course. He praised the students of Joint Science College, saying that they had unique opinions on the topics concerning the course with good English proficiency and spirit of assiduous study. Professor Joseph Hope, another teacher representative of ANU, said that the students participated actively in class and achieved the course objectives better. Then the participants discussed how to make better teaching arrangements of the ANU-taught courses in future. The ANU staff proposed that the key and difficult parts would be translated so as to help the students better understand the professional jargon and terminology. The college will select and assign suitable Master and PhD candidates with sufficient English proficiency and professional capability to be teaching assistants in order to ease the shortage.

This meeting is significant in reinforcing the concept of education internationalization and having focus and direction in promoting the overall development of the college.





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