The Leadership Team of JSC Visits Schools on Jinan Central Campus

点击:    日期:2020-11-02

From October 29 to 30, Party Secretary Shan Bingbo and Executive Dean Lyu Guangshi, led the leadership team of SDU-ANU Joint Science College (JSC) including Vice Dean Chang Xiaomei, Deputy Party Secretary Fan Qixue, Vice Dean Bai Ming and Director Wang Lu of General Affairs Office to visit School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, School of Mathematics and School of Physics on Jinan central campus of Shandong University for exchange and learning.

     In School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, JSC leaders had a discussion with, Party Secretary Hou Xinghe, Dean Hao Jingcheng, Vice Dean Jia Chunjiang and some professors of the school. Lyu Guangshi introduced the development history, talent cultivation model, and enrollment of JSC. Hao Jingcheng introduced the disciplinary development, faculty, talent cultivation and international cooperation of the school. Then the two parties discussed and exchanged views on building the teaching workforce, construction of curriculum system, innovation and entrepreneurship education and scholars forums, etc. The two parties have reached a consensus on establishing a normalized cooperation mechanism and creating actively conditions to carry out all-round cooperation for nurturing higher-quality talents with concrete efforts and by making full use of each other’s advantages.


In School of Mathematics, the JSC team was warmly welcomed by the Party Secretary Qu Mingjun, Vice Dean Wang Guanghui, and Deputy Party Secretary Lu Yunsheng. In the talk, Lyu Guangshi hoped that both the college and the school could jointly make sound plans to conduct deep cooperation in such areas as building the teaching workforce, student’s scientific and technological innovation projects, international cooperation and exchange, teacher training program in ANU, and attracting quality teachers from home and abroad. The two parties reached a broad consensus on faculty sharing, course construction, course teaching, innovation education, teacher and student exchanges, etc., and said that they would act in unison as soon as possible to achieve a win-win cooperation.



In School of Physics, Party Secretary Yu Peng, Dean Chen Feng, Vice Deans Si Zongguo and Hao Xiaotao held a discussion with the visiting team. In Lyu Guangshi’s introduction, he primarily presented the teaching characteristics, construction of the teaching faculty and enrolment of the college. Chen Feng made a general introduction to the school as well as the school’s ranking and research fields. Then the two parties exchanged views on exploring and deepening cooperation in high-quality teachers, talent recruitment and research projects, etc., hoping to strengthen dialogues and exchanges between the teachers of both sides and make positive efforts to expand the cooperation in scientific research to contribute to the coordinated development of “one university in three cities”.

Besides visiting the three schools, the team also visited Shandong University Teaching Centre for Chemistry Experiment and Shandong National Centre for Applied Mathematics.

This visit is an important measure taken by SDU-ANU Joint Science College to fully meet the general requirements of “one university in three cities, integrated development”. At the start of the 14th Five-Year Plan period, JSC is actively exploring the mechanism for integrated development with those schools on Jinan central campus, promoting sharing and co-building of resources, and strived to open up new prospects for development in all-round cooperation, high interconnection and mutual reinforcement. Besides, JSC will play an active role in promoting collaboration between the schools on Jinan central campus and Australian National University on scientific research and deepening international exchanges.





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