Applied Chemistry

点击:    日期:2019-05-14

The major of Applied Chemistry is jointly established by Shandong University and Australian National University. On the basis of key disciplines of both sides, it introduces the core curriculum system of ANU. In order to cultivate inter-disciplinary talents who have practical abilities as well as a solid theoretical basis, it not only emphasizes the teaching of basic courses, such as inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, but also focuses on the education of elements of chemical engineering, chemical engineering drawing, spectrum analysis, materials chemistry, and macro-molecular chemistry, which help to improve students' experimental skills and scientific research literacy. After studying for four years, students are required to understand the diversities of chemistry and its potential values in the fields of natural sciences, engineering and medicine so as to become specialized talents in multiple fields, including chemistry, medicine, biotechnology, materials, environment and energy.




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