SDU-ANU Joint Science College, Shandong University was Established

点击:    日期:2019-04-04

Recently, Ministry of Education has approved the establishment of SDU-ANU Joint Science College, Shandong University, the very first Joint Education College co-established by Shandong University (SDU) and foreign universities.

By virtue of the discipline advantages of SDU and the Australian National University (ANU), SDU-ANU Joint Science College endeavors to reform and innovate curriculum systems and teaching methods through the introduction of world-class education concepts, management models and quality resources, and to cultivate elites and talents with international vision, innovative spirit and practical ability.

The establishment of the Joint Science College has realized the transformation of SDU from operating parallel MoE programs to systematically organizing a jointly-run education college. According to the schedule, the Joint Science College will take in new students from September 2019 in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry and Biological Science, and the annual student intake is 300. Candidates are required to pass the National College Entrance Examination and meet the enrollment marks of SDU, and the best examinees will be admitted. According to the curriculum, over one-third professional courses will be taught in English by professors and teachers sent by ANU. Graduates from the Joint Science College will receive Graduation Certificate and Bachelor’s Degree Certificate of Shandong University; in the next stage, upon evaluation by SDU and ANU, it is possible for graduates from the Joint Science College to obtain the Bachelor’s Degree Certificate awarded by ANU through studying at Shandong University.




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