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Dr. Marcin Adamski

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Dr. Marcin Adamski

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Marcin's early interest in biology was heavily Influenced by David Attenborough's documentaries. Realizing that machines are more predictable the living organisms, he obtained Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Programming, followed with Ph.D. in Computer Modeling at the University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland. After that, he combined computers and biology by starting a postdoctoral position in Bioinformatics at Human Genetics Department, University of Michigan to work on proteomics of human plasma. From there he moved to study genomics of marine sponges at The University of Queensland, Australia and then at Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology in Norway.

Marcin joined ANU in 2015 to offer research bioinformatics support at The Research School of Biology. Two years later he joined The John Curtin School of Medical Research to work on human genomics. In 2020 he returned to the Research School of Biology as a senior lecturer to teach quantitative methods, experimental design and data analysis to students at ANU and Shandong University in China in the ANU-SDU collaboration. Marcin's research interests are in computational genomics, with emphasis on de-novo genome assembly, meta-genomics, functional genomics and deep metazoan phylogeny.

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