JSC Held all Faculty and Staff Meeting in 2022 Spring Semester

点击:    日期:2022-02-26


The first college faculty and staff meeting in the Spring semester of 2022 was held in Room 508, Dianzi Building on February 24. At the meeting the executive dean and the Party dean spoke of the key points of the work meeting held in Shandong University at the beginning of the new semester and outlined the major work of the college in 2022. Then they led the faculty and staff members to study the key points of the new semester’s work meeting.

Executive Dean Lv Guangshi stressed that all the teachers should keep improving themselves to a higher standard and the teaching quality as well as their teaching and researching abilities. The staff members should also work on their self-improvement and play an irreplaceable role in the college work so as to realize their own value. Party Dean Liang Fengjun emphasized that 2022 is a key year for the innovative development of the college. All the faculty and staff members must study conscientiously, understand deeply and implement the instructions of the new-semester meeting thoroughly. He also required all the faculty and staff members to integrate the concept of "seeking for greater perfection" into every job they do.

This college meeting has made clear the focus and direction of the college work in the semester, and set new goals, new tasks and new requirements to the college. All the faculty and staff will start from the new point and complete each job with innovative spirit and greater perfection, trying to create highlights of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools.



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