Discussion Meeting on Freestyle Science Held at Joint Science College

点击:    日期:2019-12-04

In order to further promote the teaching arrangement and quality of Freestyle Science taught by academics from Australian National University, Joint Science College held a discussion meeting in Room 211, Dianzi Building on December 4.


At the meeting, Professor Paul Francis, teacher representative of Australian National University, introduced the teaching progress of Freestyle Science. He said that the students of Joint Science College have unique opinions on the topics of the course with good English proficiency and strong  research capability. Professor Joseph Hope, also teacher representative of Australian National University, said that in the teaching process, the students actively participated in the course and achieved the curriculum objectives. Subsequently, the participants discussed how to make better  teaching arrangement in the future. Academics from Australian National University proposed that in order to help students better understand scientific terms, they would translate key contents. With regard to shortage of teaching assistants, Joint Science College would strengthen the selection of Master and PhD students with sufficient English proficiency and professional capability.


The meeting has further strengthened the implementation of international education vision, clarified the future work objective and tasks, so as to promote the development of the Joint Science College.


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