Opening Ceremony and Parent Meeting of the 2021 Cohort Was Held

点击:    日期:2021-10-10

On the afternoon of October 9th, 2021, the opening ceremony of SDU-ANU Joint Science College was held in Linglong Auditorium. The whole event was live telecasted by Weihai Evening News Media. The total number of viewers exceeded 22,000.


The ceremony was presided over by Shan Bingbo, Part Dean of JSC. Prof. Sally Wheeler, Deputy Vice Chancellor (International Strategy) of ANU, Prof. Kiaran Kirk, Dean of ANU College of Science, Associate Professor Sasha Mikheyev, Associate Dean of ANU College of Science (International), Prof. Liu Jianya, President of SDUW and Dean of JSC, Prof. Xia Lidong, Vice President (International) of SDUW, Prof. Wang Xiangyun, Director of Teaching Affairs Office of SDUW, Prof. Lv Guangshi, Excecutive Dean of JSC, Prof. Chang Xiaomei, Vice Dean of JSC, Fan Qixue, Deputy Party Dean of JSC, Prof. Bai Ming, Vice Dean of JSC attended the event. All the JSC faculty members, representatives of the 2020 cohort students and all the freshmen attended the ceremony, with their parents watching the whole live broadcast online.


The ceremony started at 14:00 Beijing time. All the teachers and students rose and sang the National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China in unison. Then President Liu Jianya delivered a speech. He hoped that the students would bear in mind the college motto “Aspire in Pursuit of Knowledge; Reason in Seeking for Truth” and encouraged them to be loyal to the country, pursue lofty ideals, and strive to enhance their capabilities and sense of responsibility. In her online speech, Sally Wheeler introduced the general situation of Australia National University and hoped that she could meet the students in person in Canberra. Lv Guangshi introduced briefly the operation, teaching methods and faculty of JSC, and expressed his expectations to the new students for their future development. Sasha Mikheyev introduced online the "3+1+1" model, subjects, major course arrangements, as well as the entry requirements (including language requirements), scholarships and support provided to the students. The teacher’s representative, Dr. Li Zhiquan expressed his hope to the freshmen that they would cherish the university time and lay a solid foundation in their major study and become outstanding. Finally, Du Ruobing, the sophomore representative and Shao Yibo, the freshman representative both from the Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Major expressed their determination that fully demonstrated the JSC students’ self-confidence and self-improvement quality

The ceremony concluded with all the teachers and students rising and singing the university song of Shandong University.

Following the opening ceremony, all the students of 2021 cohort were invited to the sub-venue of their major in Dianzi Building with their parents attending online, where course outline was introduced and questions were answered by the staff from SDU and ANU.

This parent meeting has further narrowed the distance between home and university and enhanced the students and parents’ understanding of JSC and ANU, which will help the students better prepare for the university life and plan  for their future careers.


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