2021 Annual Meeting of the Joint Management Committee of SDU-ANU Joint Science College was Successfully Held

点击:    日期:2021-12-03


On December 2, 2021, the 2021 annual meeting of the Joint Management Committee (JMC) of SDU-ANU Joint Science College (JSC) was held online. Prof. Liu Jianya, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Shandong University (SDU) and Vice-Chancellor of Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW), Prof. Xia Lidong, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, SDUW; Prof. Sally Wheeler, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Australian National University (ANU), Prof. Kiaran Kirk, Dean, ANU College of Science, and all the other members of JMC attended the meeting. The director of the International Office of ANU, the manager and officer of the International Relations & Partnerships of ANU College of Science and ANU College of Health & Medicine, the other leaders of JSC, SDU, and the international coordinators of the International Office of SDUW attended the meeting as observers. 

Prof. Liu Jianya stated that Shandong University highly values the partnership with the Australian National University, and the jointly-built SDU-ANU Joint Science College is an important achievement of deepening practical cooperation between the two sides. At present, improving quality and efficiency has become a top priority of the internationalization of education in the new era. He hoped that the two universities will work together to strengthen the course introduction and joint development as well as the provision of teachers to promote the construction of each major. He also hoped for the in-depth expansion of bilateral cooperation from talent cultivation to scientific research. Prof. Sally Wheeler pointed out that the Australian National University will strongly support the cooperation between the two universities in such areas as jointly cultivating students and developing Chinese and foreign courses, and academic exchanges of the teachers, and will ensure the provision of high-quality teaching resources for the students of JSC. Besides, she expressed her welcome to the first batch of JSC students to study in ANU next year. Then, Prof. Liu Jianya and Prof. Kiaran Kirk announced and approved respectively the list of new members of JMC.  

At the meeting, Prof. Lv Guangshi, Executive Dean of JSC, SDU, reported the enrollment and the development of the college, and the major course teaching and academic lectures conducted by ANU teachers this year. Anna Cowan, Deputy Dean (Education), ANU College of Science and ANU College of Health & Medicine, reported the “3+1+1” model, progress of cooperation agreement and course mapping between the two universities. Sasha Mikheyev, Associate Dean, ANU College of Science, reported the teaching quality assurance measures for JSC. Kiaran Kirk introduced in detail the scholarship set up especially by ANU for outstanding students of JSC. Prof. Kong Haiyan, Director of the International Office, SDUW, conveyed her thanks to Brian Schmidt, Vice-Chancellor, ANU and other ANU leaders for participating in SDU’s 120th anniversary celebration, and looked forward to more mutual visits between the two universities. The two sides fully discussed and reached an agreement on issues related to the development of JSC.  


                                                   Translated from Zhang Jiahao, the International Office, SDUW

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